2015 Edition


Geological processes and exploitation of our planet’s resources continuously lead to potentially dangerous interactions with our lives. Monitoring the behaviour of the ground and of structures and infrastructure is essential for safety reasons, quality control, optimization of construction and reduction of costs and time in engineering practice. Geotechnical and structural monitoring is crucial for a sustainable development.

The course will focus on the words of wisdom by Dr. Ralph B. Peck “We need to carry out a vast amount of observational work, but what we do should be done for a purpose and done well.” Attendance at the course will be a great opportunity to establish a valuable network with colleagues from all over the world, to meet manufacturers and see displays of the most recent and innovative instrumentation.

What people say:

“This “International Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring” course is the first of a new series of courses, and is the successor to a series of courses (more than 100) that I’ve directed over the past 40 years in USA and elsewhere, most recently in Florida. This course is enhanced by including substantial information about monitoring with remote sensors – this part of the course being led by Paolo Mazzanti, a leading international expert in this field. This series of courses in Italy are the only ones that I will be directing in the future.”

(John Dunnicliff)

“The course will be held in the 10th Century Tuscany Castle, which has been recently listed as one of the three most beautiful Castles in Italy. I’m sure that learning something new for the profession in a place full of history will be a great experience for the participants.”

(Paolo Mazzanti)

“I think that all practitioners, designers and decision-makers in the field of geotechnical and structural monitoring should attend this course at least once in their life.”

(Francesca Bozzano, University of Rome “Sapienza”)