Several leisure opportunities are available in Poppi and surrounding area for different tastes! Below a preliminary list of touristic attractions and free time facilities:


Many routes will be proposed and a guide will be made available to help all participants to comprehend dynamics that rule life in forest.

Each route will be activated if the minimum number of participants is reached (min. 4 people).

Reservations can be made by e-mail at the address within the 3rd of June 2014 by specifying the “trekking” option.


There will be a bike rental agreement for those who are wishing to spend their free time cycling through the many roads and trails in the surrounding area of Poppi, recently crossed also by cyclists of the “Tour of Italy”.

Riding school

Some structures in Poppi will organize walks and activities to approach and know the horse.

Please contact us at within the 3rd of June 2014 by specifying the “Riding school” option and we will provide you all details and contacts.

Golf Club Casentino

With a unique panoramic position, the route nestled in this extraordinary “green heart of Tuscany” can be entirely followed by the Club House (house of the XIV century completely renovated) located at the top of wide terraces surrounded by groves of oak and chestnut trees. The 9 holes are all elements of interest and must be played with care; technique and precision are preferable to particular qualities of power.

Special conventions are available for the course participants and for any eventual guests:

For golfers:

DAILY Green Fees:
18 holes: 30,00 €
9 holes: 20,00 €
Golf bag + golf club + trailer truck rental: 10,00 €

For those who have never played golf:

3 lessons with golf master (speaks english) and with included golf club, balls and fees Range: 50,00 €

LUNCH GOLF RESTAURANT with included appetizer, hot first course, 1/4 of red wine, 0,5 l of water and coffee: 15,00 €

For more information:

Casentino Golf Club Arezzo A.S.D
Via Fronzola 6 – 52014 – POPPI
Ph. +39 0575529810

Zoo Park of Poppi

A 2 km walk to discover the most interesting species of European fauna.

Guided tours

We arranged three interesting and striking tours with professional guide and local transportation.

Please find below all the details about tours.


Above a rock and surrounded by a monumental forest of beech and fir trees is the large complex of the Sanctuary of La Verna that in its massive and varied architecture hosts many treasures of spirituality, art, culture and history.

The foundation of a hermitage dates back to the presence of San Francesco at the sanctuary. In the spring of 1213, he met the Count Orlando of Chiusi della Verna, who, impressed by his preaching, wanted to give him the mountain of La Verna that became the place of many and long periods of retreats.

The decisive impulse to the development of a large monastery was given by the episode of the stigma, that took place on this mountain, San Francesco’s favorite place for meditation.


The village of Camaldoli, located within the National Park of Casentino Forests, rised up in the early eleventh century, around the monastery founded by St. Romualdo to host some monks belonging to the Benedictine order. Just a few years after the founding of the monastery, the Saint ordered to build near the place the hermitage of Camaldoli. One of the most important rooms of the hermitage was the library which, before the Napoleonic suppression, kept inside over than 7000 printed books, 400 codes and 700 incunabula.

Around the Hermitage of Camaldoli develops the Biogenetic Reserve where has survived the local fauna, consisting of deers, fallow deers, roe deers and wild boars, as well as their natural predators, wolves.