CSG, founded in 1997, rests on more than 20 years of professional experience of its partners in the field of geoengineering, with particular concern to the new techniques of prospection, geotechnical and environmental monitoring, instruments design.

The consciousness of problems and needs of geotechnical field and our passion for instrumentation are the basis of a significant growth of the company of the company that has specialized in landslides monitoring with the production of multi parametric monitoring columns.

CSG, for sensibility toward innovation, the ability, the experience and the tenacity of its technicians matured even in extreme environments, has achieved a leading position worldwidde in the field of landslides monitoring for Early Warning through its multi-parametric columns DMS (patents CSG) which are synonymous of accuracy, reliability and robustness.

The company certified ISO 9001 pursues a high quality standard, with rigorous tests during production (tests in climate room, automatic calibration table tests on each sensor, axis alignment tests and long term stability inside testing field using both vertical and inclined boreholes of known inclination, thermo-controlled), to provide reliable and durable instruments made based on the specific needs of the customers. The new structure is based on an area of 10,000 m², including production area, labs, offices, monitoring room, conference room, developed on a covered area of 1,000 m² with the testing field with over 1000 m of boreholes driven to depths greater than 200 m; a helipad supports emergency activities in the Early Warning sector.