Our Ace Instrument (Co., LTD) was organized in August of 1998, to manufacture some measurers that are established to secure the effectiveness of design and safe construction for engineering (instruments that can measure load, stress, displacement, earth pressure, the water level of underground, water pressure, slope angle, dynamic environmental feature), and to manufacture output apparatus, data acquisition system of cable and wireless, and software for analysis.

The officers and technical employees of our company majored in mechanics technology; have over 20 years of experience service in the filed of engineering industry and are made up of technicians who can understand very well the principles of engineering construction, machinery, and the dynamics of engineering works that it is possible for us to design the precision gauge and have numbers equipments for manufacturing, calibration, measurement in the newest style. Therefore, we can secure the confidence of the product by the system of ISO-9001 quality guaranteed.

Our company possesses different forms of techniques of producing. Specially, we overcame the severe conditions of constructing site, and get a superior reproducibility, response, and stability. We are producing all the part of product in full time up by possessing the ideal vibrating wire sensor as a static gauge of engineering works and electrical foil strain gage type for the dynamic quality check, design, manufacture, calibration.

We are aiming to contribute information oriented construction and offer the total solutions in the field of engineering instrument by developing and completing the hardware and software that will make dynamic instrument possible by 2014.

Homepage: www.aceco.co.kr