MetaSensing is an innovative company providing proprietary sensors for data acquisition and post-processing services.

MetaSensing offers a broad range of radars operating at different frequency bands in order to meet the most diverse requisites. The systems can be applied to several fields, both commercial and scientific: SAR mapping, Security & Surveillance, Structure Monitoring and Weather Radars.

MetaSensing sensors are compact, high-resolution and cost-effective, responding to the newest market trends. The reduced size allows for different applications also within restrict conditions, while the performance is still very high. Each sensor is customised according to the requirements in order to fulfil the customers’ needs. This new approach to commercial radars is the reason for MetaSensing success.

Based on its innovative proprietary technology, MetaSensing has introduced a novel ground based solution for monitoring instable natural elements and critical artificial structures. The FastGBSAR is a non-invasive remote sensing tool for continuous deformation monitoring of large coverage areas, a compact and easy-to-install sensor that can operate even under harsh working conditions.

The MetaSensing Ku-band radar for structure monitoring and terrain stability, is an excellent example of the versatile and customizable MetaSensing products: the FastGBSAR is a compact and light sensor capable of performing data acquisitions in less than 10 seconds, hence providing more coherent data and decreasing the time necessary to detect changes.