CSG, founded in 1997, rests on more than twenty years of professional experience of its partners in the field of engineering geology, geophysics, with particular concern to the new techniques of prospection, geotechnical and environmental monitoring, instruments design.

The consciousness of problems and needs of geotechnical field and our passion for instrumentation is the base of our company, which today is leader in the production of multi parametric monitoring columns.

CSG technicians, with their sensibility for innovation, experience and persistence, are particularly skilled in landslides early warning monitoring systems, from the project to the production of borehole instrumentation, control units and software suites for data managing and processing.
DMS columns (CSG patents) are installed in important international sites, where the analysis of deep seated rockslides and underground structures, requires an instrumentation with high precision, accuracy and resistance.

CSG pursues a high quality standard, with rigorous and long tests during production (climate room, calibration table tests on each sensor) and strict stability and alignment tests in boreholes, both vertical and inclined with temperature control.