Topcon is an innovative and global market leading company, developing and manufacturing precise satellite and optical positioning products and software solutions for the geopositioning, monitoring, construction and agricultural industries. Our product portfolio consists of high precision GNSS sensors, robotic and imaging total stations, BIM layout systems, laser scanners, mobile mapping, machine control and precision agriculture systems, all supported by handheld field controllers, desktop and field management software along with advanced real-time cloud based solutions for all positioning and construction activities. With nine billion people expected on the planet during the next few decades, there’s a lot of work to be done. We’ll need more cities, roads and bridges, not to mention extra food on the table. At Topcon we’re driven to help you meet this demand with next-generation solutions that make what you do smarter, faster, more accurate and more productive. Our mission is simple – to make your business smarter, faster, more nimble and more profitable. That’s why each one of our 4,000 employees worldwide is dedicated to bringing you the products and solutions to drive your success. From the product developers in our state-of-the-art research labs to our technicians answering your support calls to the network of Topcon dealers working out in the field, we’re singularly focused on helping our customers grow and prosper, whatever challenges they face. Topcon is dedicated to finding new ways to enable breakthroughs in productivity, embracing those disruptive technologies poised to enable our core markets to advance.