New Trends in geotechnical and structural monitoring with presentations by Course Partners

“During each of the fist two courses in 2014 and 2015 we invited about twelve colleagues to make presentations.

For the third course we’ve looked for ways to increase interactions among course participants and to give some of our course partners the opportunity to share their experiences with us. We’ve therefore invited additional colleagues to make brief presentations about new trends in geotechnical and structural monitoring. We’re excited that eleven of them have accepted our invitation, and believe that this will very much increase the value of the 2016 course.

Three sessions will be devoted to these presentation – an outline is showed below.

We are really looking forward to meeting you in Poppi!”

John Dunnicliff and Paolo Mazzanti


NT.1 New Trends in Contact Monitoring


  • Charles Leduc (Opsens Solutions)
    Monitoring aging concrete infrastructure in harsh environment with extensometer immune to corrosion, temperature variation, and drift over time


  • Lee Danisch (Measurand Inc.)
    Counter-acting Rotation Effects in Sloped Boreholes


  • Gabor Patassy (Sylex s.r.o.)
    Pipeline integrity monitoring and bridge load monitoring with new MS-03 strain sensor



NT.2 New Trends in Remote Monitoring


  • Linda Corucci (MetaSensing)
    Water discharge measurements at Three Gorges Test Dam with the MetaSensing’s FastGBSAR.


  • Alex Neuwirt (Canary Systems, Inc.)
    Innovation in GPS technology for geotechnical monitoring applications.


  • Paolo Mazzanti (NHAZCA S.r.l.)
    “Photomonitoring”: A cost effective tool for geotechnical and structural monitoring.


NT.3 New Trends in Offshore Monitoring and Data Transmission and Management


  • Franco Robotti (AGISCO Group S.r.l.)
    MOSE and ENI Projects – Submarine Hydraulic Profile Gauge.


  • Juan Pérez (Worldsensing)
    Wireless sensors for the monitoring of Geotechnical and Civil infrastructure.


  • Ottavio Tripoli (IMG S.r.l)
    Metro C Line. New Web GIS Remote Monitoring System for the Hystorical heritage of Rome – monitoring the Coliseum.



  • Pieter Devolder (Geometiri)
    IT challenges for online monitoring

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