John Dunnicliff

John is a self-employed consulting engineer, specializing in geotechnical and structural monitoring. He has taken the lead role in teaching more than 100 continuing professional development (continuing education) courses on this subject.

He is author of the 1988 and 1993 book “Geotechnical Instrumentation for Monitoring Field Performance“.

In 2010 he was awarded Distinguished Membership of the American Society of Civil Engineers, with the citation: “For pre-eminent leadership in the field of geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring and for his long and distinguished career as a specialty consultant dedicated to the improvement of geotechnical practice”.


Paolo Mazzanti


Paolo Mazzanti is Lecturer of Remote Sensing at the Department of Earth Sciences of the “Sapienza” University of Rome and co-founder and CEO of NHAZCA S.r.l., spin off of the “Sapienza” University of Rome.

Paolo received the Master in Geology at the University of Florence and the PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Rome “Sapienza”. Since 2006 he is technical consultant of the CERI, Research Center for Geological risks, of the “Sapienza” University of Rome. In 2008 was visiting researcher at the International Center for Geohazards (Norway).

Since 2014 Paolo is the organizer and scientific responsible, with John Dunnicliff, of the annual “International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring”.

Paolo has been invited lecturer at several International Universities and Research Centers (e.g. Italy, France, Norway, Austria, Germany, USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Belgium) and served as reviewer for several international scientific journals and international projects.

Paolo is responsible of consulting projects concerning tunnels, oil & gas, open mines, large transportations infrastructures and landslides for national and international firms and agencies, in 7 countries.

Paolo tutored and co-tutored more than 20 MSc thesis in Engineering Geology, Civil Engineering and Remote Sensing and is author of more than 70 scientific papers in international journals and conference proceedings.


Andrea Bellino

Bartec Syscom

Andrea Bellino is application engineer in Bartec Syscom, Swiss company leader in seismographs for vibration and seismic monitoring of civil structures. Andrea plays different roles: commercial (sales and support), marketing (product promotion and exhibitions), and moreover he collaborates in the development of new products.

Andrea achieved the Master degree in Mathematical Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, and in the same university he achieved the PhD In Mechanical Engineering, focusing mainly on vibration measurements both in mechanical and civil domain. In the PhD thesis he presented new techniques to estimate rock discontinuities during the tunnel excavation with seismic methods.

Andrea is autor of 11 articles on international journals of vibration and geophysics.


Martin Beth

Soldata Ltd.

Martin Beth is a geotechnical engineer, and has been working for Soldata Group for more than 15 years, now as the group’s Technical Director. Soldata is a large monitoring and instrumentation service company operating worldwide. Martin’s tasks include technical and operational support to complex monitoring sites, instrumentation systems design and general management support, and research and development within the group. Recently Martin has been advising Soldata branches on many large-scale projects around the world, for example, Crossrail in the UK, Bucharest Metro in Romania, Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement in the US, and large mining projects in Australia.

Martin is a member of CEN/TC 341/WG1 Task Group 2, which is responsible for drafting European Standards on Geotechnical Monitoring.


John Burland

Imperial College London

John Burland is Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Investigator at Imperial College London. In addition to being very active in teaching and research, he has been responsible for the design and monitoring of many large ground engineering projects world-wide.

He was London Underground’s expert witness for the Parliamentary Select Committees on the Jubilee Line Extension and has advised on many geotechnical aspects of that project, including ensuring the stability of the Big Ben Clock Tower. He was a member of the Italian Prime Minister’s Commission for stabilising the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Martin Dupuis

GKM Consultants

Martin is a co-founder of GKM Consultants in Quebec, Canada, a consulting firm specialising in field instrumentation services.

He graduated in electrical engineering in 1987, and has been involved for more than 25 years in instrumentation for large structures.

As a project manager he has been responsible for design and implementation of instrumentation for a wide range of large scale environment and infrastructure projects in Canada, China, India, Ethiopia and other countries.


Daniele Inaudi

Smartec SA

Dr. Daniele Inaudi received a degree in physics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). In 1997, he obtained his Ph.D. in civil engineering at the IMAC Laboratory of Stress Analysis of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. In 2005, he received a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Switzerland. Daniele Inaudi is co-founder and CTO of SMARTEC SA and CTO of Roctest. Daniele Inaudi is author of more than 200 papers, five book chapters, a book on “Fiber Optic Methods for Structural Health Monitoring” and editor of a book on Optical Nondestructive Testing.


Michael Iten

Marmota Engineering AG

Michael originally studied civil engineering and then focused on novel applications of distributed fibre-optic sensing in geotechnical engineering during his PhD at ETH Zurich. He has a wide experience in bringing sensitive fibre-optic sensors into the rough construction environment for projects in the icy Swiss Alps to hot and humid Hong Kong. He is founder of Marmota Engineering AG: geotechnical experts for fibre-optic monitoring.


Iain Oakes-Green

Campbell Scientific, Ltd

Originally qualified as an electronics engineer, Iain went on to assist in the development of military mobile digital and modular wide area networks specialising in cryptography before moving on to the management of a nationwide secure communications network in the UK.

In 1997 he joined Campbell Scientific and has worked as Senior Applications Engineer gathering extensive experience in the design, instrumentation and commissioning of various geotechnical, industrial and meteorological data acquisition systems.

Working closely with engineers, academics and analysts, Iain provides technical, diagnostic and operational support, sometimes putting on his hard hat and hi-vis when the occasion warrants it.


Sarah Owen

3D Laser Mapping Ltd.

Sarah is a Lidar Systems Engineer at 3D Laser Mapping, Nottingham in the UK. In this role she is responsible for the technical support, development and implementation of SiteMonitor 4D, a state of the art monitoring software solution combined with Riegl laser scanning technology. She works closely with mining companies in the implementation of safety critical monitoring solutions for high walls on challenging and interesting sites globally.

Sarah was awarded her PhD in geology in 2014 from the University of Leicester, where her research focused on understanding how macro to micro scale geological structures influenced the geomorphological evolution of the Sugarloaf mountain landscape in eastern Brazil. She utilised various remote sensing and topographic datasets alongside field data to model and map features in the landscape to gain an understanding of the interplay of geological controls on the development of this unique mountainous landscape.

Sarah has also worked creating CPD courses for the aggregates industry in the UK to promote energy efficient quarrying practises and in the UK Geophysical Research centre SEIS-UK testing and maintaining sensitive geophysical instruments for research projects worldwide.


Giorgio Pezzetti

SMAK s.a.s.

Giorgio is an independent consultant with his Company SMAK s.a.s. He worked for ISMES, an applied research and service centre of ENEL (Italian Electricity Board) for almost 20 years, responsible of the geotechnical and structural monitoring units, being involved in many large and critical projects all over the world. In 2000 he established FIELD where he served as Technical Director and has continued his activity of system design, field assistance and data evaluation and management. Giorgio is a member of ISO TC 182 SC1 WG4, which is responsible for drafting European Standards on Geotechnical Monitoring.


Tony Simmonds

Geokon, Inc.

Tony is the International Projects Manager at Geokon, Inc, Lebanon, NH, USA a manufacturer of geotechnical instrumentation, where he has worked for over 35 years.

Tony is responsible for Geokon’s network of overseas agents, representatives and system integrators and travels extensively to support them both on site and in commercially related matters.

Among the many projects in which he has been involved, some of the most notable include the Three Gorges Dam (China), the Petronas Twin Towers (KL, Malaysia), Itaipu Dam (Paraguay/Brazil) and the Potzdamer Platz (Berlin, Germany).

Tony is an active member of the Transportation Research Board, Deep Foundations Institute, ISSMGE and ASCE; and has spoken at numerous courses and presented papers at various symposia worldwide.


Per Sparrevik

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI)

Mr. Sparrevik has a wide background in instrumentation and geotechnics, with more than 26 years experience from various offshore and subsea monitoring projects. His experience includes monitoring support and supervision during installation of offshore foundations. Mr. Sparrevik is a registered inventor with seven international patents, based on his multi-disciplinary experience. He presently holds a position as Technical Expert at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, being responsible for the “subsea technology” market.


Joel Swenson

Barr Engineering Co.

Joel is a geotechnical engineer with ten years of experience including management of geotechnical field investigations, analysis, design, reporting, and near real-time monitoring for public and private clients. He investigates and conducts slope-stability, seepage, and settlement analyses of highwalls, levees, embankments, ash retention basins, and landfills.

He has geotechnical and structural monitoring experience with planning, installing, collecting, and reporting remote and contact sensing data in near real-time on the web. He also has significant experience with reporting and responding to alarms triggered onsite. He is a licensed civil engineer in the US practicing in 5 U.S. states.


Susan Taylor

Queenʼs University Belfast

Professor Su Taylor is the Director of Civil Engineering at Queenʼs University Belfast, a multi-disciplinary group of 33 Academic Staff with associated researchers; including the Intelligent Infrastructure group.

She is an elected Council member of ISHMII and has a track record of delivering research in SHM via funding from FP7 Marie Curie, USA-Ireland Platform, EPSRC, InnovateUK Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

A prioritisation of her research is to safeguard the integrity of our built environment, by advancing the area of intelligent sensing technologies, post-processing and filtering techniques.

She is also the Technical Director of the University Spin-out company Sengenia Ltd. which came about as a result of collaborative research with the Optical Group at City University London.

She was recently Awarded the UK Academic Ambassador for Knowledge Transfer, out of 1000 UK Academic involved in KTP and in recognition of the impact of her research in SHM.


Andres Thorarinsson

Vista Data Vision and Vista Engineering

Andres founded Vista Engineering in 1984 as industrial integration firm specializing in instrumentation and automation.

As data handling has always been important part of every project the first version of VDV was built in 1991 for internal usage.

In 2004 the first version of VDV was offered to international clients and two decades later the ninth version of VDV (version 2015) was released.

Andres has extensive data handling experience from operating large number of datalogging and data handling systems worldwide in all kind of geotechnical and industrial projects.