2016 Edition Partners

Measurand Inc. has been providing 3D shape instrumentation since 1993. Our geotechnical division designs and produces SAA (or “ShapeAccelArray” ) for automated 3D measurements for deformation monitoring of slopes, tunnels, dams, or other civil structures. Measurand’s SAA is an inclinometer-type … Continued


We are monitoring systems integrators. We provide reliable state-of-the-art data collection and information solutions to a broad market range, including civil engineering, geotechnical engineering, mining, dam safety, environmental, and many more. This includes instrumentation selection, system architecture, hardware and software … Continued

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Geokon, Incorporated is a manufacturer of a wide range of geotechnical and structural instrumentation, located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA, and who operates on a worldwide basis through a network of representatives and agencies. The company was founded in 1979 … Continued


SYLEX, a European manufacturer founded in 1995 and specialized in fiber optic technology, offers tailor made automated monitoring systems based on modernized FBG technology. These systems, which have been repeatedly verified by many projects around the world, are used to … Continued


3D Laser Mapping is a world-leading developer of laser scanning solutions and provider of geospatial business intelligence. Dedicated to making your business a success, our highly experienced technical engineering team works closely with you to deliver high-value and dependable solutions … Continued


VDV has been developed for the last 20 years and is now being used by geotechnical professionals in 6 continents. Our vision is that handling of sensor data in geotechnical projects should be easy and the cost should be reasonable. … Continued


Soldata Group is an international company specialized in geotechnical, structural and environmental monitoring services to mitigate risks during the construction and operation of sites. Soldata offers the complete range of solutions from the most advanced and innovative monitoring and information … Continued


Geosense is a UK manufacturer of Geotechnical & structural instruments used for safety monitoring. Established in 1992, Geosense specialises in vibrating wire and MEMS sensor technology which is incorporated into a wide range of instruments including piezometers, extensometers, weir monitors, … Continued

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With professional achievements in more than 15 countries, GKM Consultants is now recognized both nationally and internationally for its expertise and know-how in providing innovative and well-integrated instrumentation and monitoring solutions for a wide range of projects, including dams, foundations, … Continued

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Marmota Engineering is a Swiss company focusing on fiber-optic sensing solutions for geotechnical applications. We provide top quality through a creative and committed team of highly qualified young engineers. Marmota instruments pipelines, piles, boreholes, landslides and structures with fiber-optic sensors. … Continued


Campbell Scientific provide hardware and software solutions for structural, geotechnical and environmental monitoring applications. These include measurement systems featuring Campbell’s patented VSPECT™ technology for spectral analysis of most makes/types of vibrating wire sensors providing high resolution dynamic or static measurements … Continued


CSG, founded in 1997, rests on more than twenty years of professional experience of its partners in the field of engineering geology, geophysics, with particular concern to the new techniques of prospection, geotechnical and environmental monitoring, instruments design. The consciousness … Continued

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Smartec is a leading producer and supplier of fiber-optic sensors providing sensors and systems for geotechnical instrumentation and structural health monitoring. Fiber optic sensors can be helpful for a faster and better comprehension of the behavior of your soil, rock … Continued


MetaSensing is an innovative company providing proprietary sensors for data acquisition and post-processing services. MetaSensing offers a broad range of radars operating at different frequency bands in order to meet the most diverse requisites. The systems can be applied to … Continued


SYSCOM is a Swiss-based subsidiary of Bartec GmbH, a multinational manufacturer of industrial safety equipment. Since more than 25 years, SYSCOM Instruments designs seismographs for vibration and strong motion monitoring of structures. SYSCOM Instruments reputation rests on the reliability of … Continued


IDS Ingegneria Dei Sistemi S.p.A. is a private engineering company founded in 1980, and is a national and international leader in electromagnetic technologies for civil and military applications. The IDS GeoRadar Division, based in Pisa, Italy, provides products and solutions … Continued


Worldsensing is a new technologies company founded in 2008, based in Barcelona and London. The company employs more than 40 people worldwide. Worldsensing’s Industrial Division holds a product portfolio including State-of-the-Art monitoring solutions and dataloggers adaptable to most commonly used … Continued


ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD was established in August of 1998 to secure the effectiveness of design and safe construction for civil engineering, structure, measuring instruments (load, stress, displacement, earth pressure, the water level of underground, water pressure, slope angle, physical … Continued

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Since 1977, RST Instruments Ltd. has established itself as a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative geotechnical, mining, environmental and structural monitoring equipment. RSTs geotechnical instruments have been integral components of many international projects that require monitoring … Continued


To optimize tunnelling processes, Geodata Survey & Monitoring Group offers innovative solutions for instrumentation & monitoring, surveying & machine guidance and has become a leading provider of integrated real-time information systems for underground construction. As an independent company with extensive … Continued


AGISCO is an Italian consulting and servicing company operating for the last thirty years in the field of structural engineering. Agisco is specialised in the design and development of advanced monitoring systems for tailored solutions including smart data acquisition and … Continued


Img was founded in 2004 by Stefano Moretti and Ottavio Tripoli. It is a specialized service company that supplies and manage complex geotechnical and structural monitoring systems, offers consultancy in the field of geology, geological engeneering, hydrogeology and geophysics. Img … Continued


Geometiri is a Belgian company specialized in the monitoring of geotechnical sensor data. Designed with seamless automation in mind, Geometiri offers a solid platform for geotechnical processing, visualization and alerting. Based on decades of field experience and developed with the … Continued


SISGEO S.r.l. was established in 1993 inheriting the abilities of “SIS Geotecnica”, leading company in Italy in the geotechnical field. Over the years, SISGEO has distinguished itself among the international excellences thanks to a tight and highly motivated working group, … Continued


Opsens Solutions design and manufacture fiber optic sensors for geotechnical related applications. This technology offer many significant advantages: the inert material used to manufacture the sensors are highly resistant to almost any chemicals and high temperatures. Intrinsically safe, they can … Continued


RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems is a performance leader in research, development and production of terrestrial, industrial, mobile, bathymetric, airborne and UAS-based laser scanning systems. RIEGL’s innovative hard- and software provides powerful solutions for most application fields in surveying. Worldwide sales, … Continued


HPSYSTEM.IT researches and develops new safety systems and new technologies for environmental, geotechnical and structural monitoring. Thanks to a multidisciplinary staff of engineers and technicians, whatever the needs of his customer, HPSYSTEM.IT, is able to accompany him from design to … Continued


Optosensing is an academic spin-off between Second University of Naples and HPSYSTEM.IT. It integrates the knowledge and expertise acquired with both advanced academic research and practical applications, in order to develop and produce innovative and reliable fiber optic-based distributed monitoring … Continued