Img was founded in 2004 by Stefano Moretti and Ottavio Tripoli.

It is a specialized service company that supplies and manage complex geotechnical and structural monitoring systems, offers consultancy in the field of geology, geological engeneering, hydrogeology and geophysics.

Img is a benchmark for geotechnical monitoring for European construction companies: offering geological and hydrogeological analysis to designers and contractors.

The company has over 30 employees in Europe and works with the largest infrastructural construction companies.
Innovation and reliability are our strengths.

Img has developed and manages one of the most sophisticated and extensive monitoring systems: during the construction of the Underground Line C in Rome we installed and monitored over 35.000 sensors and during the last 48 months collected and managed about 200.000.000 measurements from many historical monuments and buildings. Img now is managing also the construction of the Warsaw Underground line II.

Img can also provide GPR, seismic, and ERT surveys, and in this area is noted for its continual development of specialised software and instrumentation.

Img designs and implements its own specific instrumentation:

  • COSS and COSS II, a video survey system to map mine shafts and underground tunnels from the surface.
  • PERTH system, to carry out 3D electrical tomographic scans in boreholes.

Img works according UNI EN ISO 9001 procedures