SYLEX, a European manufacturer founded in 1995 and specialized in fiber optic technology, offers tailor made automated monitoring systems based on modernized FBG technology.

These systems, which have been repeatedly verified by many projects around the world, are used to monitor the structural health and geotechnical conditions of infrastructure projects within the Mining industry, Civil Engineering, Geo-technical markets or any other SHM and monitoring purposes.

Our sensors are designed to provide either point or semi-distributed (long gauges and multiple gauges) measurement.

Few of many advantages of our FBG fiber optic solutions:

  • Multiplexing: Possibility to interrogate up to 20 sensors within one channel, thus reducing the cost per sensing point.
  • Fast installation: Arrays with multiple measuring sections (gauges) in one-cable-design or long-gauge sensors together with simple cable topology reduces installation efforts.
  • EMI immunity: Together with harsh-environment tolerance and intrinsic safety the EMI immunity is the key advantage of the FBG technology.
  • Simple set-up: Final monitoring system can be fully tailored to the characteristics of each individual project, integrated SW provides all required automation functions with real-time access via web hosted database and sensors can be easily customized.
  • Universality: The same system can integrate both static and dynamic analysis providing multi-parameter multiplexing of different physical values: strain, temperature, displacement, pressure, load, vibration, acceleration or deformation.