ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD was established in August of 1998 to secure the effectiveness of design and safe construction for civil engineering, structure, measuring instruments (load, stress, displacement, earth pressure, the water level of underground, water pressure, slope angle, physical feature of a base rock and dynamic environmental feature) and to manufacture output apparatus, data logger, data acquisition system of wire and wireless and operating software for analysis.

We are an expertise group who have over 20 years job expertise and advanced technology in geotechnical engineer field such as civil engineering construction, structure, nature of soil, machinery, and the dynamics of engineering works. ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD is the only private company that have a specially designed automated calibration equipments to impress a total stress and servo controlled type 200ton and 500ton,1000ton universal testing machine. On top of it, all ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD’s products are manufactured and designed by ISO-9001, thus their reliability and accuracy are fully guaranteed. ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD’s vibrating wire sensor, which prove excellent reactivity and stability, is useful to use the semi-permanent measurement and FOIL STRAINGAGE type sensor which is suitable use for the dynamic quality check, model experiment. ACE INSTRUMENT CO., LTD now provides highly sophisticated products with cutting edge technology such as competitive geotechnical instrumentation, readout unit, data logger, data acquisition system and portable digital inclinometer system because we possess sophisticated technologies in design, manufacturing and calibration by independent technique.