VDV has been developed for the last 20 years and is now being used by geotechnical professionals in 6 continents. Our vision is that handling of sensor data in geotechnical projects should be easy and the cost should be reasonable. By using VDV users have a single interface for all data handling; saving considerable time and money by using a single powerful application for all data and services.

VDV offers all facilities needed for any size of project; Access Control with access levels, powerful web interface, database driven, visualization by graphs, real-time overviews and maps, multiple alarm triggers, tables, downloads, calculated sensors, fast processing, automatic reports.

VDV imports data from any brand of data logger; it also offers special handling of data from specialized sensors like inclinometers and of data collected from SAA ShapeAccelArray sensors, Vibration Recorders and from Automatic Motorized Total Stations.

Our clients include Consultants, Contractors, Institutes and Agencies.
Examples of monitoring projects using VDV: Dams, Tunnels, Bridges, Slopes, Rails, Open Mines, Underground Mines, Ground Water, Weather.