Since its introduction in 2014, more than 70 important companies operating in the field of geotechnical and structural monitoring sponsored the International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring showcasing their latest technologies and taking advantage of the interaction with course participants and expo visitors.

Below you will find a short introduction of the sponsor of this Anniversary Edition


Founded in 2013, GINTEC is a high-technology company, which specializes in R&D and selling high-accuracy geographic and geotechnical instruments and software. Meanwhile, GINTEC also offers professional technical services. Our products are widely applied in surveying, mapping and deformation monitoring industries.

Adhering to the concept of “Based on Integrity, Success in Quality”, we devote to supplying high-quality, stable and reliable products for customers. With years of efforts and integrity management, our business has spread to over 60 countries around the world, and we have won good evaluation and trust from our clients and partners.

In the future, GINTEC Team will move forward to innovate and forge ahead.

By improving products and services, we continuously enhance users’ experience to make surveying and deformation monitoring more efficient and pleasant.


GEOKON is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of structural and geotechnical instrumentation. Founded in 1979, GEOKON has grown to more than 120 associates and offers a full complement of instrumentation for a wide range of industries including tunnels, dams, mines, piles, bridges, pipelines, landfills, embankments, transportation and wind turbines. Over 45 GEOKON agents distribute products globally to North and South America, Europe, Middle East, China, Russia, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

GEOKON incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment to produce the highest quality and performing products on the market. Mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams collaborate to develop the most innovative, accurate and reliable instrumentation in the industry. As a result, GEOKON has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 registration from both ANSI•ANAB, USA and UKAS of Great Britain. GEOKON’s calibration program complies with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and all primary calibration standards are traceable to the US Department of Commerce, National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), in Washington, DC, and are calibrated by laboratories with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. In addition, GEOKON is a qualified supplier for US Nuclear Facilities in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)/Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA)-1, Quality Assurance Program Requirements.


Campbell Scientific provides complete measurement automation platforms for geotechnical and structural health applications. Each platform features Campbell Scientific’s patented VSPECT™ technology which provides unprecedented measurement improvements for all vibrating wire sensors, including increased precision, external signal noise immunity, and extensive sensor diagnostics.

The Campbell Scientific VSPECT technology is also built-in to their Dynamic Vibrating Wire technology.  Dynamic Vibrating Wire technology makes it possible to measure standard vibrating wire sensors up to 200 Hz.  This expands the use of proven and reliable vibrating wire sensor technology in dynamic applications.

Whether for single use applications or large networks of hundreds of sensors, data from each measurement automation platform can be collected directly or remotely using a wide range of telemetry options.


Terra Insights is the industry’s first, end-to-end sensor to cloud data delivery platform that supports proactive, risk-informed decision-making and monitoring. Terra Insights is a comprehensive platform of trusted geotechnical, structural, and geospatial monitoring technologies and data delivery solutions that are used in leading projects around the world. Terra Insights is powered by RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, Syscom Instruments, and NavStar. Combined, these industry-leading brands form the first, one-stop in-ground, at-ground, in-space monitoring technology and data delivery platform.





VAT Number: 10711191006
REA: RM-1250972
Share Capital: 40.000 €
Univocal Code: W7YVJK9

Registered Office
Via Vittorio Bachelet, 12
00185 Rome (Italy)

Ph.: (+39) 06 95.065.820
PEC: nhazcasrl@pec.it
E-mail: info@geotechnicalmonitoring.com

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