The Covid19 pandemia forced us to organize the 7th International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring with an online format, thus allowing us to renew the overall structure and schedule. Taking into account the feedbacks received to the online survey, we decided to spread the event over an entire semester instead of making it concentrated in a single week. 

However, as we are aware of the importance of personal interaction between participants, we decided to organize a two days on site Field Trip (we really hope that in mid 2021 it will be possible to arrange an open air event!).

The 2021 event will be structured as follows:

  1. 3 consecutive days (4 hours long) of Main Course;
  2. 2 consecutive days (4 hours long) of Field Trip;
  3. 13 days (4 hours long) of Master Classes, spread on a semester.

The Main Course (14-15-16 June 2021) will give an overview of geotechnical and structural monitoring in the 2020s taking advantage of introductory, keynote, case histories and new trends sessions. 

Also in 2021 several companies are expected to attend the 7th IcGSM to show their innovative solutions equipment for geotechnical and structural monitoring taking advantage of their virtual booths.

The Master Classes will be organized in order to provide general and practical expertise on how to use the most common monitoring systems. Classes, with a duration of 4 hours, will be held by leading international experts.

Each class will cover the following main topics: installation, data acquisition, data processing, tricks&tips from everyday experience. Master Classes will be dedicated to 13 most used monitoring systems. Participants will have the possibility to choose amongst the following lessons (or choose all of them!).

Participants will have the chance to attend the whole event or follow one or more Master Classes or the Main Course only, at their choice.

Considering the complex economic global situation, we decided to reduce the registration fees. We really hope that this choice, together with the great option offered by the online format, will allow the participation of several people that were not able to attend the ICGSM in the past.



Paolo Mazzanti

Giorgio Pezzetti

Martin Beth

Leen de Vos

Manuel Gomez de Membrillera Ortuño

Louis Hattingh

Jean Hutchinson

Javier González Martí

Fabien Ravet

Gianpiero Russo

Tony Simmonds

Kenichi Soga

Per Sparrevik

Matteo Vagnoli




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