GEOKON is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of structural and geotechnical instrumentation. Founded in 1979, GEOKON has grown to more than 120 associates and offers a full complement of instrumentation for a wide range of industries including tunnels, dams, mines, piles, bridges, pipelines, landfills, embankments, transportation and wind turbines. Over 45 GEOKON agents distribute products globally to North and South America, Europe, Middle East, China, Russia, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.

GEOKON incorporates state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and equipment to produce the highest quality and performing products on the market. Mechanical, electrical and software engineering teams collaborate to develop the most innovative, accurate and reliable instrumentation in the industry. As a result, GEOKON has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 registration from both ANSI•ANAB, USA and UKAS of Great Britain. GEOKON’s calibration program complies with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and all primary calibration standards are traceable to the US Department of Commerce, National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST), in Washington, DC, and are calibrated by laboratories with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. In addition, GEOKON is a qualified supplier for US Nuclear Facilities in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)/Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA)-1, Quality Assurance Program Requirements.

Terra Insights is the industry’s first, end-to-end sensor to cloud data delivery platform that supports proactive, risk-informed decision-making and monitoring. Terra Insights is a comprehensive platform of trusted geotechnical, structural, and geospatial monitoring technologies and data delivery solutions that are used in leading projects around the world. Terra Insights is powered by RST Instruments, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, and Syscom Instruments. Combined, these industry-leading brands form the first, one-stop in-ground, at-ground, in-space monitoring technology and data delivery platform.

Bentley Systems (Nasdaq: BSY) is the infrastructure engineering software company. We provide innovative software to advance the world’s infrastructure – sustaining both the global economy and environment. Our industry-leading software solutions are used by professionals, and organizations of every size, for the design, construction, and operation of roads and bridges, rail and transit, water and wastewater, public works and utilities, buildings and campuses, and mining. Our Infrastructure IoT platform provides secure and scalable tools for cost-effective condition monitoring of critical assets, providing operational insights that inform owners and operators, and power connected workflows leveraging our infrastructure digital twin platform, iTwin.

Senceive wireless remote condition monitoring technology is used in 35 countries in  civil engineering, rail  and mining. Our precise, reliable and robust products are built to empower clients responsible for high value and at-risk assets. Senceive users installed more than 30,000 sensors last year – helping them manage ground and structural movement, landslide risk, geotechnical behaviour, rail track movement and much more. Applications include construction, tunnelling, temporary works and management of earthworks and slopes. Systems are installed in minutes and last more than a decade with minimal maintenance – helping you mitigate engineering risk without visiting site. 

Our three promises:

Uncompromising products – We develop monitoring products that do not compromise on quality, precision, durability or reliability. 

Empowering partners – We provide customer support that makes our partners’ lives easier, and we create accessible products that can be deployed quickly and easily.

Unrelenting invention – We listen to the issues affecting your industries and use that knowledge to drive product improvement through our problem-solving culture. 

Harnessing intelligent monitoring technology to keep people and infrastructure safe


Ackcio builds reliable wireless data acquisition systems for industrial monitoring applications. The company automates monitoring processes and provides remote, intelligent data to enable increased safety and efficient risk management in mission-critical industries, including construction, infrastructure, mining, and rail. Ackcio’s flagship solution, Ackcio Beam, is an industrial data acquisition platform that uses a patented long-range wireless mesh network to monitor sensors accurately and reliably in both above ground and underground environments. Ackcio is headquartered in Singapore and supports clients across the world. In 2021, the company was included in Forbes Asia’s inaugural ‘100 to Watch’, a list comprising small companies and startups on the rise across the Asia Pacific.

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RIEGL is an international leading provider of cutting-edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial, and UAV-based laser scanning solutions for various applications in surveying.

RIEGL has been producing LiDAR systems commercially for over 40 years and focuses on pulsed time-of-flight laser radar technology in multiple wavelengths.

RIEGL’s core Smart-Waveform technologies provide pure digital LiDAR signal processing, unique methodologies for resolving range ambiguities, multiple targets per laser shots, optimum distribution of measurements, calibrated amplitudes and reflectance estimates, as well as the seamless integration and calibration of systems.

RIEGL’s Ultimate LiDARTM 3D scanners offer a wide array of performance characteristics and serve as a platform for continuing Innovation in 3D for the LiDAR industry.

From the first inquiry, to purchase and integration of the system, as well as training and support, RIEGL maintains an outstanding history of reliability and support to their customers.

Worldwide sales, training, support and services are delivered from RIEGL’s General Headquarters in Austria, the US Headquarters in Florida, USA, main offices in Japan, China, Australia, Canada, and the UK, as well as a worldwide network of representatives.
RIEGL’s distribution partner for Italy, Microgeo ( is representing RIEGL during the ICGSM exhibition in Rome at the RIEGL booth and will be ready to ask your questions concerning Long-Range 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning and RIEGL’s latest developments for monitoring in topography surveying.

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, develops and provides Radar monitoring solutions applied to landslides, rockfalls, complex structures, mining and civil engineering monitoring. The company is a leading provider of GBInSAR/TInSAR technology enabling early warning needs with the most advanced data processing algorithm for the removal of atmospheric artifacts integral part of IBIS Guardian Software. IDS GeoRadar is committed to deliver best-in-class performance solutions and to the pursuit of product excellence, through the creation of application-specific, innovative and cost-efficient systems for a wide range of applications.

Since 2016, the company joined Hexagon Group and, nowadays, integrates Radar Monitoring sensors with Geodetic sensors (e.g. TPS, GNSS from Leica Geosystems) and Geotechnical sensors (from 3rd parties) to deliver high accurate and reliable information on common SW platform for a Total Monitoring approach to worldwide customer projects.

Fresh from an incubation period in the European Space Agency (ESA) BIC program, Titan4 is specialized in processing and analyzing optical and radar satellite images with InSAR technique in a fast, cost-effective and accurate way. Thanks to the Titan4 platform it is possible to easily assess and monitor the health of public and private infrastructures, the stability of land on a large scale, structural deformations and seismic areas. The platform includes an automatic InSAR data processing tool that provides near real time results on millimeter scale, data fusion features, visual reports, past trends analysis, alarm notifications in case of critical deformations and other important information.

Titan4 offers: fast and highly accurate results, pay per use pricing model, scalable high performance computing for large areas, automation of all processing phases, intuitive interface and API inter connections, training and dedicated assistance at every step.

The solution by Worldsensing is the globally leading for monitoring large-scale civil infrastructure through IoT remote technology. It enables near real-time data acquisition of geotechnical, geospatial and structural sensors as well as remote device, data and network management.

Engineers and experts tasked with civil infrastructure monitoring can now capture sensor data through Worldsensing edge devices and send information to the cloud for 24/7 connectivity management. With over 3,000 network deployments connecting over 170,000 sensors around the globe, Worldsensing’s solution is rapidly becoming the monitoring standard within industries such as mining, construction, and rail.

Due to running on a low-power wide-area IoT network, LoRa, the solution is valued for its data reliability and best in class for range, battery usage, and ease of adapting the network to growing monitoring needs.

Operators of mines, bridges, tunnels, dams, railways and other hard-to-access infrastructure can now work with reliable data to diminish risks, anticipate needs and prevent disasters. The wireless configuration also eliminates the need for manual monitoring and expensive cabling thus contributing to capex and opex savings as well as making infrastructure monitoring projects more sustainable.

Rocscience is a world leader in developing innovative 2D and 3D software for civil, mining, and geotechnical engineers. For 25 years, we’ve built geotechnical tools used by over 10,000 users around the world.  We are dedicated to delivering industry-leading software programs, exceptional customer service and unparalleled technical expertise that engineers can rely on.

Specialized in the field of infrastructure monitoring like bridges, tunnels, dams, buildings and more, Sensoworks proposes itself as software vendor for intermediaries and final companies (system integrators and private or public industries) that have the need to monitor complex infrastructures through advanced technological systems.Sensoworks IIoT  Platform remotely manages and monitors complex infrastructures and allows the collection, monitoring and interpretation of all the data coming from the sensors applied on them. It is able to predict when an infrastructure is in need of maintenance or to perform anomaly detection by analyzing the behavioral trend. And it intervenes automatically to neutralize an alarm situationSensoworks advantages: a ready-to-use platform with BIM and GIS capabilities, integrable with any sensor and integrated with algorithms that allow predictive maintenance and anomaly detection.

Img was founded in 2004 by Stefano Moretti and Ottavio Tripoli. It is a specialized service company that supplies and manage complex geotechnical and structural monitoring systems, offers consultancy in the field of geology, geological engeneering, hydrogeology and geophysics. Img is a benchmark for geotechnical monitoring for European construction companies: offering geological and hydrogeological analysis to designers and contractors.

The company works in Italy, Poland, Middle East and North Africa with the largest infrastructural construction companies.
Innovation and reliability are our strengths.

Img has developed and manages one of the most sophisticated and extensive monitoring systems: during the construction of the Underground Line C in Rome we installed and monitored over 35.000 sensors and during the last 48 months collected and managed about 200.000.000 measurements from many historical monuments and buildings. Img now is managing also the construction of the Warsaw Underground line II. Since 2006 Img has developed and manages on its own the DDS (Data Dissemination System), one of the most customizable and reliable monitoring Web-GIS system.

Img can also provide GPR, seismic, and ERT surveys, and in this area is noted for its continual development of specialised software and instrumentation.

Img designs and implements its own specific instrumentation:

  • COSS and COSS II, a video survey system to map mine shafts and underground tunnels from the surface.
  • PERTH system, to carry out 3D electrical tomographic scans in boreholes.

Img works according UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 procedures.

Img is the exclusive authorized distributor for Measurand SAA products in Italy. | LinkedIn

ISMES S.p.A. (Experimental Institute for Models and Structures) is a CESI Group company totally dedicated to civil and infrastructure engineering, able to provide its customers, through its highly specialized professionals, with consulting, services and tests. ISMES activities span the entire life cycle of complex infrastructures, supporting customers at every stage of their civil engineering projects: feasibility studies and structural / safety assessments; hydrogeological risk analysis; design and construction management; design, installation and maintenance of structures and territory monitoring systems; consultancy and design activities for both dam safety and hydroelectricity; diagnostics of existing structures.

ISMES was born in 1951, rapidly gaining notoriety in the world of dam construction. Since then, ISMES has supported the design and structural assessment of more than 60 large, mostly arch and gravity concrete dams in Italy and around the world, including Switzerland, Spain, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Australia and Argentina.

As regards monitoring systems, ISMES integrates all the fundamental skills to identify the best technical solution to provide the information necessary for understanding the phenomenon under study.

Starting from the executive design of the monitoring system, through its turnkey construction and providing the maintenance and remote assistance service, ISMES is a single interface to support technical managers.

Last but not least, through its pool of professionals, the company is able to provide the analysis and interpretation of data, with comparison of behavior, defined by means of specially developed mathematical models, to allow the study of the structure or phenomenon. in time.

Since 1990, ISMES has developed, and continuously updated over the years, dedicated software that allows the correct management of the integrated static and dynamic monitoring system, implementing the integration of new technologies such as: the automatic topographic network, GPS, GNSS and optical fiber. Through the analysis of the data acquired in real time, ISMES provides an early warning system to support those responsible for managing the work of art or the monitored natural phenomenon.

The main monitoring system projects implemented include the static and dynamic systems installed on approximately 300 dams. Among these, the most representative are the Itaipu dam system, between Brazil and Paraguay, consisting of more than 300 sensors and a network of 25 data acquisition units and those for the Rapel and Pangue dams in Chile.

ISMES has also developed over 200 monitoring projects for some of the most important cultural heritage in Italy, such as: the Tower of Pisa, the Basilica of San Marco, the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, the Brunelleschi’s Dome and Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Last Supper; and in international sites, such as the Luxor Temple and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico.

ISMES, with its Monitoring and Tele-Assistance Center, also processes about 100,000 data acquired every day by the 920 sensors of the weather and snow stations located throughout the Alps, thus protecting local communities from the risk of avalanches. In addition to this, there are approximately 20,000 records acquired daily on the 19 million cubic meters of landslide slopes that loom over the territory of the Aosta Valley and that ISMES analyzes to ensure safety. In addition, the Meteomont meteorological network of the Alpine Corps and the Italian Civil Protection Department accelerometric networks involving about 60 public buildings distributed throughout the national territory should be noted.

Since 1972 LSI LASTEM has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing a complete range of high-quality systems for environmental monitoring.

LSI LASTEM instrumentation is intended for numerous applications always guaranteeing the highest accuracy and reliability of measurements.

Its product range includes sensors, data-loggers, software as well as mounting accessories.

In 2021 LSI LASTEM has successfully introduced in the market G.Re.T.A., the first “geoelectrical-monitoring-made-easy” solution for a number of monitoring applications such as tailing dams, levees, embankments and waste landfills.

OFITECO is a Spanish engineering company with presence in several countries and specialized in finding solutions for the safety of hydraulic and transportation infrastructures based on the integration of instrumentation and software. With 50 years of experience in the field of dam monitoring, as well as tunnels and bridges, OFITECO has developed and implemented its own applications for remote monitoring and data management in real-time: DamData, TunnelData, and BrigdeData, currently in operation in over 300 dams, urban tunnels and bridges all over the world. We generate and analyze data for construction, operation, maintenance, safety and risk assessment, accompanying our clients and collaborators providing solutions tailored to their needs.

SADAFZAR Company was founded in 1994 with the goal of providing specialized engineering services of Design, Supply, Installation, Data collection, Processing, Analysis & Interpolation of Geotechnical Monitoring Systems. SADAFZAR during the last 29 years, by having qualified professionals has managed to carry out more than 60 monitoring instrumentation large-scale projects such as dams, tunnels, hydropower plants & monuments worldwide.

Campbell Scientific provides complete measurement automation platforms for geotechnical and structural health applications. Each platform features Campbell Scientific’s patented VSPECT™ technology which provides unprecedented measurement improvements for all vibrating wire sensors, including increased precision, external signal noise immunity, and extensive sensor diagnostics.

The Campbell Scientific VSPECT technology is also built-in to their Dynamic Vibrating Wire technology.  Dynamic Vibrating Wire technology makes it possible to measure standard vibrating wire sensors up to 200 Hz.  This expands the use of proven and reliable vibrating wire sensor technology in dynamic applications.

Whether for single use applications or large networks of hundreds of sensors, data from each measurement automation platform can be collected directly or remotely using a wide range of telemetry options.

Founded in 1993, SISGEO is the Italian foremost company specialized in the design and production of high-precision measuring instruments for civil and geotechnical engineering applications.

Thanks to its constant investments in R&D, SISGEO is able to provide a vast array of unique instrumentation within the sector. Highlight of the company is the largest variety of reliable inclinometer products, developed to offer tailored solution for every specific technical need.

In more than 80 countries, Sisgeo has successfully supplied equipment for complex monitoring systems on different applications such as tunnels, railways, dams, mines, bridges, landslides, pipelines, buildings and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) programs.

Topcon Positioning Group, always one step ahead in technology and customer benefits, is an industry leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of precision measurement and workflow solutions for the global construction, geospatial and agriculture markets. Topcon has a mission to provide superior end-to-end business solutions by integrating high-precision measurement technology, software and data. Its vision is to improve productivity and workflow to meet global demand for sustainable agriculture and infrastructure. At the Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology, Topcon provides construction, surveying, engineering and agriculture professionals with the advantages and know-how to be at the forefront of technological innovation to maximize efficiency. Visit Topcon’s stand for the latest in positioning technologies. 


ECHOES s.r.l. is an Italian engineering company specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative radar systems and sub-systems (HW & SW). Founded in 2015 as a joint spinoff company of Interuniversity Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT) and University of Pisa, nowadays, ECHOES is fully operative with many national and international customers, and it has set itself apart through its ability to bring new products to market focusing on the future. 

Since its founding, ECHOES has been involved in structural, geotechnical, and environmental monitoring applications. ECHOES has a strong experience in Synthetic Aperture Radar systems with imaging, interferometric and change detection capabilities for deformation monitoring applications from both terrestrial and aerial platforms (UAVs and aircrafts). 

PHOENIX is the flagship product in our ground-based monitoring segment with the highest focus to the end user needs. PHOENIX is a terrestrial interferometric SAR designed for the best user experience. Its strength is the modular configuration of the rail platform with interlocking segments, real-time on-board SAR processing and a scan time of a few seconds, allowing for quick and easy installations and for the monitoring of rapid movements. It can operate 24/7 in “all-weather” conditions, also in extreme and harsh environments.

Geosense is a leading UK manufacturer and global supplier of Geotechnical Instruments and data acquisition systems used worldwide for safety monitoring of elements such as tunnels and metros, deep foundations, infrastructure, mines, dams and geohazards.

Geosense specialises in Vibrating wire and MEMS technology as well as offering many other types of instruments for all applications.

Utilising our expertise, clients have installed our sensors across more than 80 countries on some of the world’s largest and most prestigious projects.


DMT SAFEGUARD – Our monitoring services for your success.

Tunnels, bridges, excavations, underground or opencast mines, complex industrial plants or oil platforms – each project has distinct impacts on the environment and human safety. For the success and acceptance of your project, monitoring critical factors while meeting all specific requirements is crucial.

We focus on your requirements – with an extensive range of services based on our individually scalable IIoT DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring platform, we offer support in all areas: planning, project management, sensor- and measuring cycle control, data transmission, processing, analysis and evaluation, result visualization as well as warning and alarms. We supply all components as a one-stop-service.

With the DMT SAFEGUARD monitoring platform you are independent in your choice of monitoring equipment and number of sensors. DMT SAFEGUARD reliably and securely manages sensor data and equipment. It enables customized and automated analysis of your project’s monitoring data and presents the latest status and full result reports via a user-friendly, easy to access web-based interface. It permits efficient and reliable monitoring of hazardous situations and supports you in solving even the most complex monitoring tasks.

SMARTEC SA is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of measurement and integrated structural health monitoring systems. We support and train our customers in the design, installation and use of monitoring systems, as well as in data management and analysis. Our product range consists of sensors (fiber optic, vibrating wire and conventional), data acquisition systems and software for data management and analysis. Our domains of expertise cover in particular civil & geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, oil & gas industry and energy distribution.

PMT, established in 1975 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with 25000 Sq ft modern facility for design, manufacture, installation, monitoring and analysis of structural and geotechnical instruments. For every challenging project, we have access to the specialized knowledge of our world renowned board of experts and a network of partner companies both nationally and internationally.

PMT provides innovative and customized solution as to the choice of instruments to be used for wide range of projects including Bridges, Dams, Deep Excavation, Foundations, LPG Storage, Underground Mines, Railways, Roadways, Slopes & Tunnels. All the instruments are developed from a combination of research, development and practical field experience whilst maintaining the highest possible quality. Moreover, we are committed to conducting our business and operations in a manner that has a positive impact on the society in which we live and work.

Move Solutions is the company for Smart Structural Health Monitoring. 

We offer innovative monitoring solutions for bridges, railways, construction sites, vertical structures, tunnels and geotechnical analysis. Our sensors are all wireless, non-destructive and easy to install, allowing our clients to conduct remote, green and cost-effective monitoring. Thanks to our unique devices, our Cloud Data Management Platform, which simplifies data processing and analysis, and our excellent technical support, we are driving change within the world of infrastructures, redesigning the way Structural Health Monitoring can be done. 

We are committed to deliver faster and smarter solutions to our clients’ problems, as we believe in a world where digital transformation can be the key for the creation of a better and safer world, based on collaboration and respect, towards each other and towards our planet.



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